How can I get MinerCoin?

As the name gives away, you can acquire MinerCoin by mining the blocks for the block reward. You can not buy MinerCoin from an exchange yet. Perhaps an individual miner will sell his coins to you.

What is the collateral requirement to run Service Nodes?

The initial requirement is 25000 (25K) MC, pools are also allowed up to 4 people.

Can I close my minercoind (daemon) after I have set up a Service Node?

As soon as you set up a Service Node on the daemon (minercoind), you should not close your daemon. When you close it, your Service Node will not receive Service Reward. For more info regarding the Service Node, please refer to the Service Node page.

I have reopened my wallet and now my balance is zero. What should I do?

Launch minercoin-wallet-cli with the flag --restore-deterministic-wallet You will be prompted for a new wallet name and password. After that, insert the mnemonic seed you received in the very beginning to restore your wallet.

What is a mnemonic seed?

This is your unique 25 word phrase that is used to recover your wallet.