Service Node

We suggest using Ubuntu 18 or Windows Server 2102.

To begin the Service Node daemon, we must launch minercoind with the flag --service-node

On Windows this can be done by creating and modifying shortcut of minercoind (minercoin.exe –service-node) or start via command line.

To start the registration process we are going to run the following command within the daemon: prepare_registration
In your Windows prompt, click right-mouse button on the top bar, click Edit and then Paste.

Enter your MinerCoin wallet address for now pick manual staking. This will be the wallet that receives the Service Reward.

The daemon will output a command for us to run looking similar to:
register_service_node 4294967292 M6TCCyDgjjbddtzwNGryRJ5HntgGYvqZTagBb2mtHhn7WWz

The last step is to active the Service Node by executing your daemon (minercoind) output into your wallet, this will activate the service node: Open C:\ProgramData\minercoin\minercoin.txt, copy the text that’s in it and execute it in your minercoin-wallet-cli.

Your node will start submitting uptime-proof and you will start receiving node reward. Your node has to stay online, see the point of attention beneath.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor info icon  Point of attention:

Make sure your node is fully synchronized with the network before starting the prepare_registration process.

It’s no problem if you close the wallet, as long as you keep the daemon (minercoind) running.
If you close the daemon longer than 2 hours, and the network dont receive uptime proof from your node the will vote the Service Node off the network.
Not possible to unlock the coins, they are locked on the blockchain for 30 days before returning to your account.